The Miracle of Cecilia Alegria Policarpio "Ria's Miracle" (Cannonization Stage)

The above facts were taken from Rev. Jose Maria S. Luengo's Lorenzo Ruiz" citing Fidel Villaroel, OP, Lorenzo De Manila: Protomartyr of the Philippines and his Companions, UST.

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The miracle took place when Cecilia was a 2 year old girl suffering from a rare brain disease, brain atrophy (hydrocephalus) was cured through the intercession of the family and supporters to Lorenzo Ruiz. This took place in 1983. She was diagnosed shortly after her birth and was treated at Magsaysay Medical Center. Primary Treating Physicians was Dr. Felicadad Soto.

Fact File:

Cecilia Alegria Policarpio known as "Ria"

Born: Manila Philippine on March 4, 1981

Parents: Lourdes Ravena and Florentio Policarpio.

Date of Miracle: July 1983. Dr. Felicadad Soto concluded her brain was functioning.

Papal Examining Physicians: Dr. Francesco De Rosa and Monsignor Joseph Geraud.

Key Dates

14 December 1987 - Dr. Cortesini President of the Medical Commission, accepted opinions of Dr. de Roas and Dr. Geraud.

March 9, 1987 - Fr. Innocenzo Venchi submitted Positio super miraculo.

May 12 1987 - Meeting of Commission of Cardians presided by Cardial Luigi Ciappi approved the Miracle.

June 1, 1987 - Congregation for the Causes of Saits issued a Decrree by Prefect Cardinal Palazzini accepting Miracle that Cecilia Alegria Policarpio had been cured from anatomicofunctional atrophy of the brain.

June 22, 1987 - Cardinal Prefect of Congreagation for the Causes of Saints, Pietro Palazzi reported and Pope John Paul II asked for the vote which was passed.

18 October 1987 - Canonization of Lorenzo Ruiz.