Prayer In Times of Adveristy

Beloved Saints Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila and Companion Martyrs: You who experienced the supreme sacrifice of martyrdom for the proclamation of the Christian faith, inspire us with your strength and firmness of conviction to withstand the adversities of our lives and the difficulties of our existence.

Teach us with your marvelous example and saintly wisdom to turns trial into blessings, by showing us the glory that comes from discovering the redemptive power of God's love.

When times are full of grief, when moments are suffused with worry, let us feel your presence in our midst, so that we will be aware that you are by our side, strengthening us and interceding for us before Almighty God that we may have patience in our sufferings and consolation in our hardships.

Help us realize that only in knowing our weakness can we be strong, only undergoing sadness can we find real happiness, and only passing through trials and distress can we find peace, encouragement and spiritual joy. Amen.